What we have been up to

  • Metal Skills 5m Spraywall and M6 batch oven
    Metal Skills in East Tamaki approached us wanting the ability to coat large items in house. Previously all larger items had to out sourced for coating. Kiwicote manufactured locally and supplied our M6 batch oven and a 5 metre spraywall extraction system.
  • Metal Skills Wagner ProfiTech M coating system
    Metal Skills had heard of Wagners new automated powder coating guns and operating system which has a height and gap control light curtain system, so powder is only applied to the size of the part. This provided a superior finish, giving good powder savings and being more environment friendly. Kiwicote being the appointed New Zealand, J Wagner powder coating equipment agent, installed the Wagner ProfiTech M high-end control system at their premises in East Tamaki
  • Hansa Chippers M4 oven and spraywall
    Hansa had originally outsourced all powder coating. As the company expanded, they needed to take control of the powder coating process. Kiwicote manufactured and installed our M4 batch oven together with a spraywall. This gave Hansa total control of all their powder coating process.
  • Hansa Chippers 4 m spraywall and oven upgrade
    Having outgrown their original factory and to meet their expanding production, Hansa relocated to new and larger premises. They required an additional 4 metre spraywall and powder coating equipment as well as an extension to their M4 oven. Kiwicote was delighted to have a returning client and supplied them the equipment they required.
  • Climate Coatings upgrade to 8 Wagner auto guns and controllers
    Climate specializes in the powder coating of MDF, plywood and plaster board. Kiwicote was responsible for upgrading their automatic powder coating gun system with Wagner C4 auto guns together with fully electronic programable control system.
  • Spida Machinery M4 oven and spraywall
    Spida Machinery Tauranga were looking to take control of their powder coating process. Kiwicote offered them an in house solution providing them with a M4 batch oven and spraywall powder coating system.